“Race one was really frustrating but the second race was maybe one of my strongest runs because the pace was good and there were no mistakes. It is so hard to pass and you lose so much time if the guy in front of you is slower, which Kari definitely was.

“It was quite a tough race because I really had to keep the concentration level up in case an opportunity arose to overtake. It’s probably the toughest track all year in terms of overtaking so it gets quite maddening to be stuck behind a slower car but with little prospect of getting by. On the whole though, I think that was one of my strongest races, even though the result doesn’t reflect the effort put in.

“Race three was pretty much a test session within the race for me. We decided towards the end of the race to hang back a bit to create space and with a clear track I was able to be much quicker so it was useful to know I had pace when in clear air.”

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