“I was really happy with race one and scoring my best result of the season. I had a good battle with Russell (who won Race two in Spa) but ultimately I didn’t have the out and out pace of the guys at the very front.

“It was actually quite a calm race considering the conditions which were really tough but I enjoy racing in the wet and especially at Spa which is one of my favourite circuits. It was difficult to see at the start, even behind the safety car, but once we were going I was able to drive a good race and take a comfortable sixth position.

“Race two was a difficult one and from my point of view best forgotten. I re-grouped for the final race and was able to make a recovery after I got squeezed off at La Source and having to go all over the ‘sausage kerbs’.

“It was really enjoyable coming back through and the pace in the car was really good. Some of the moves I made were very exciting and there was a good deal of satisfaction knowing that the pace was back after a tough race two. If we hadn’t have been pushed off at the start then I am sure more points would have come our way.”

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